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Builders in El Paso: Making Your Dream a Reality

It is not a lie that the Sun City has grown tremendously in the last couple of years, making builders a hot commodity. This means that when you finally start shopping around for a builder to construct your dream home, something has to make them stand out from the rest. At Palo Verde Homes, we pride ourselves by offering a prospective client everything they could ask for in a contractor.

Like most builders, we offer an inventory of ready-made floor plans that you can choose from, or two semi-custom floor plans that effectively provide the client with a jumping board to their future home. This can save time for those clients who might not have a good grasp on what type of home they want, or those who simply want their home build in an efficient manner.

Our two semi-custom floor plans allow clients to have a base for their ideas. You can choose one of the two, then meet with our friendly architect to complete the design in the way you want it. This is a way to give clients who already have an idea of what their home should look like but have no real idea of where to begin a good base to play with.

What sets us apart is that we also offer a total custom package for those clients who already know what they want their home to look like. We help you from the beginning to create a home that you design from start to finish, providing you advice, advice and alternatives if something cannot be done or does not work out. So no matter what you are looking for in a builder, we can say that we offer not only quality materials, energy efficient options and safe communities in a rapidly growing city, but the chance to make whatever you want a reality. Contact us today.

Builders in El Paso with Technology Know-How

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In today’s society, technology is leading the way for a stampede of fast paced synchronized advances modernizing our classrooms, offices and, not surprisingly, the way new homes are being built. Choosing builders who incorporate the latest technology inside your custom built home is a great way to take advantage of these new advances.

Lighting, home security, climate control, and more can all be managed from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. Built in automated controls can operate rooms dedicated to ultra-high definition video, TV’s and gaming devices with the use of what’s being called “smart technology”. Now is the time to take advantage of these technological advances, considering they were not available even five years ago! Why not have your home builders pre-wire your home to accommodate a fast paced acceleration for an integrated lifestyle of top technology?

It is by far the best way to prepare for a future that is continually advancing in short cut ways to save time and money. By controlling the AC or heater from your office, and the power and electricity of other devices, you can drastically reduce your monthly costs and help protect the environment. Wireless devices are great but a home that is pre-wired to handle the conduit of digital stream works better for high-definition video and speakers. Get the most out of your custom built home here in El Paso, by choosing builders that can install these  features as they build your new home.

To get started on your tech savvy custom-built home, talk to our custom home builders here at Palo Verde Homes by contacting us today.

Builders in El Paso TX Committed to Customer Satisfaction


When you are looking for builders in El Paso TX, look no further than Palo Verde Homes.  Palo Verde Homes has been building quality custom and specialty homes throughout El Paso and Southern New Mexico since 2007. We are known for our commitment to home buyers. We stand out among the builders in El Paso, TX, because of the craftsmanship in all of our homes and because of the attention to detail that goes into every project.

We are builders who take our commitment to our buyers very seriously. We aim to provide the very best in quality and features for your new home so that it will stand the test of time. We take pride on our workmanship and we are focused on providing top-notch customer service. And, we want to do all of this at competitive market prices.

As experienced home builders, we have built lasting relationships with clients and neighbors. We hope that our customers will trust us again and again for new home construction, remodeling projects and referrals. We have a proven track record of building homes that people love, and we treat every project as our most important.

Palo Verde Homes has been featured in Texas Building Magazine and was recognized among the builders in El Paso as being an Energy Star Leader in 2011. We believe that the key to building homes that clients love is to focus on their design needs, pay careful attention to detail and work with customers to create a home that they will be proud to call their own.

Our focus on energy efficiency and quality materials means that your home’s hidden features are just as well designed as the visible ones so you have the complete package. To learn more about the services we provide as builders, contact us today.