Real Estate 2022 Trends Every Home Buyer and Seller Needs to Know

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The previous year was rather unpredictable and eventful for those who were involved in real estate. Because of the housing market climate of 2021, many people are left wondering whether 2022 will be a better year or if home values and prices will continue to skyrocket. We discuss the trends for you to keep an eye out for! We’re here to tell you that there will definitely be some changes to the real estate market.

Limited Options for Home Buyers  

One hard truth to face is that home buyers may have a more challenging time while house hunting. Usually, it only takes a matter of days for the best listings to be snatched up fast. To help you in the competitive real estate market it is recommended to sacrifice some “must-haves” in your list to ultimately expand your search. 

Home Prices are High, And Will Continue Rising

Another hard pill to swallow is that prices have gone up in the past two years in the real estate market, and they will remain high. Real estate prices are going up just like everything else—groceries, gas, pretty much everything you need to buy. This is good news for sellers, considering they could make a pretty penny off their home. 

More Online Real Estate Services Are Expanding 

You may not have known that online services now make it available to buy and sell your house for you. Of course, online real estate services such as Zillow have been around for homebuyers to browse what’s on the market. These services promise less hassle but may charge other fees, which could mean less profit if you are looking to sell your home.

New Home Construction is Increasing

Homebuilders all over the nation are being asked to continue building to meet the demands of the real estate market. Although, homebuilders are finding it difficult to keep up with demands due to worldwide supply shortages. On the bright side, experts are saying that the supply shortage should start to clear up this year, meaning additional inventory should be coming into the real estate market very soon. 

The Housing Market Could Slow Down due to Rising Mortgage Rates 

While many people may be on the hunt for a new house, some buyers may find themselves easily discouraged due to high mortgage rates. Mortgage rates hit an all-time low back in January 2021 but have steadily risen since then. By the end of 2021, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was standing at 3.05%, and experts are saying it could still go up. 

Property Taxes are Going Up 

Home values remain high. As a result, property taxes are going up, especially for homes in Texas. The good news is that taxable valuations cannot go up more than 10% in a single year. In addition, Texas provides protection for homeowners from sharply rising property valuations. 

Buyer Demand and Competition Should Decline 

As we mentioned earlier, since some homebuyers are becoming easily discouraged due to some unpromising changes in the real estate market, the demand should definitely ease in 2022. This may not be the best news for those who are looking to sell their home, but if you are looking to buy, this will make things much easier for you. 

Home Value Will Begin to Normalize 

While home prices were high in early 2022, home value is expected to ease up towards mid-2022, no later than the end of the year. This is expected to happen because a lot of people are going to find themselves priced out. Thus, affordability will be an issue. This is what will weaken demand and ease home values later on in 2022. 

Most Homes Stay on the Market for an Average of 21 Days 

This is especially important to know if you are looking for a home. Experts have found that listings are posted for an average of 21 days are starting to come off the real estate market in even shorter time spans. With that being said, you have to act fast. Should you find a property you’re interested in, start working with a real estate agent right away. 

Much Fewer Foreclosures for this Year 

The government is focusing on keeping foreclosures to a minimum. This can be especially important news for homebuyers struggling to make ends meet, but there is no need to fret just yet! There are plenty of ways to avoid foreclosure, such as reviewing your monthly budget and taking on extra work to be able to pay your mortgage. 

Get the Homebuying Process Started with the Professionals at Palo Verde 

The home buying process may seem tough for some, but here at Palo Verde, you’ll find everything you are looking for in a new home right away. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started.  


8 Popular Trends in Custom Homes for 2022 

New home new life. A lovely couple feels very ecstatic about their recent purchase of a new home which makes them feel being on the verge of happiness.

When you find yourself interested in a custom home, it is important (and rather helpful) to consider current home building trends. Modern-day custom home trends just might be the answer to what exactly you’re looking for in a home. You might find yourself interested in eco-friendly designs or smart home features. Whatever it may be, you don’t want to miss out. We put together this list of the top custom home trends of 2022 to get your imagination going! 

Beautiful Transitions into Outdoor Living Spaces 

To better experience the great outdoors from the comfort of one’s home, custom builds are being designed to provide entertainment from any room within a house. Kitchens are now being built with pathways that lead to an outdoor patio and dining rooms. This is perfect for those who enjoy looking outside and enjoying a landscaped garden, laden with plants and much more. Because more homeowners are looking to enjoy more outdoor living, they are also customizing their backyard patios to make them feel like they live right next to a tropical paradise!

Smart Home Features 

This trend has been popular for quite some time now and homebuilders don’t expect to see it dying out anytime soon. This trend goes far beyond the average security and home intercom system. Homebuilders are seeing more automation spanning from floors to ceilings. Homebuyers are looking for more control over specific features such as windows, smart thermostats, cameras, lighting, music, and much more. Above all, many homebuyers are looking for highly-advanced technology to help them feel safe in their homes. 

High, Dramatic Ceilings 

High ceilings do a great job at making a space feel bigger than it actually is. But people are now aiming to do more with these high ceilings. Homeowners are using their ceilings as a centerpiece. Some popular examples include barrel ceilings, coffered ceilings, and tray ceilings, which are all successful in drawing attention upward. The look has become widely popular because it coordinates with almost any kind of interior design. 

Lots of Light 

The popularity in the abundance of light has been on the rise since 2020 and is very well making its way into 2022. More and more homebuyers are requesting oversized windows, skylights, and even glass cabinetry. Glass cabinetry helps reflect light coming in, making a space feel atmospheric and light. In addition to glass cabinetry, homeowners are also embracing the idea of French doors and sliding glass doors to welcome guests and family in their homes to a bright space. 

Use of Natural Materials 

To make a home feel cozy, all you have to do is bring more natural elements into the picture, and that’s yet another trend we’re starting to see for this year. To bring nature and sophistication together, homeowners are requesting more use of wood, stone, and quarts in earth tones and soft hues as opposed to darker or bold materials. Even focal points in many custom homes are being redesigned to use more natural elements such as stone rather than the popular materials of brickwork or tile. 

More Open Floors and Space 

Open floors and spaces are more popular than ever before, but that doesn’t eliminate the desire for more defined spaces such as study and workspaces. This trend is about combining open flooring and defined spaces. This trend is credited with being influenced by the living conditions of 2020 when people were spending more time in their homes. Homebuyers are looking for open floors and space while wanting the ambiance that a workspace offers. 

Home Offices, Studies 

Home offices have long been a part of American homes, but just like we briefly mentioned, the living conditions of today require more than one quiet work-study. Modern-day floor plans are looking at more than one office. These offices are separated into two spaces, a room for adults, another for kids, which can act as an entertainment room. Of course, there are variations to these offices and studies, but they are definitely being seen by home builders everywhere. 

More Curvature 

This modern chic style of interior design is being favored widely across the country. This trend reinvents interior design from European and Victorian styles of the past. The focus of this modern-day trend is to provide simple lines and edges with a contemporary accent. Rather than sharp, sudden edges, homebuilders are implementing more curves to play off each other. For example, some custom homes feature curved barrel ceilings to blend with straight edge doorways, softened by arched windows and doors. 

Choose Palo Verde to Create the Custom Home of Your Dreams! 

You know exactly what you want in a home and there’s no better place to start than here with Palo Verde Homes. Contact us today to get started on the home building process. 

How to Find Affordable Homes in El Paso

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The U.S. has been going through a housing crisis for quite some time and it is often difficult to find an affordable home. Whenever you start looking for a home, you need to make sure that it meets all your requirements, while remaining well within your budget. It may be difficult to find affordable homes in El Paso but it is not impossible. Here are all the different things you can do to find an affordable home for yourself.

Go For Less Popular Neighborhoods

If you do not have a very big budget, it is best to steer clear of highly popular neighborhoods. You might not be able to find what you are looking for in a popular neighborhood. There may be several less popular neighborhoods further down the town that you can look into. Less popular neighborhoods are not really a bad option as they are often quiet and peaceful as compared to busy ones. You might even find a bigger and better house if you opt for a less popular El Paso neighborhood like United, Eagle, and Stoneridge. 

Ask Around 

Networking comes in handy when you are looking for affordable homes. There is always someone whose friend is selling their home. If you have a big circle in El Paso you can reach out to them and spread the word that you are looking for a house. If you have a reference, you might even get a lesser price as compared to the market, which can be great for your budget. 

Tell your friends, coworkers, and your neighbors that you are looking for a home. They will contact you whenever they find one. This way, you won’t have to pay the broker fees and directly connect with the seller. You can also stretch your budget this way, as you don’t have to pay the broker’s fees. 

Check Out Low Income Housing Assistance Programs 

Low-income households can get help from home assistance programs. Section 8 is a federally funded program that can help you in this regard. They will offer you vouchers so that you can pay off your rent or mortgage. Only households whose joint income is less than 50% of the median income are eligible for home assistance programs. You can get more details pertaining to El Paso from the concerned authorities. The best loans you can opt for in El Paso are FHA Loans, USDA Loans, and My First Texas Home. 

Get Someone to Share 

You might not be able to buy a home on your own which is why it is a good idea to get someone to share it with you. You can either ask your family members to share the home with you and divide the rent or the mortgage. If no one from your family accepts, you can ask a friend or find yourself a roommate so you can get affordable homes.

Finding a home that fits your budget is one of the best things, and with the above-mentioned practices, you can surely find a home within your budget and exactly the way you want it to be. 

Get Help from Experts 

There are many experts out there who can help you buy affordable homes in El Paso. You can contact a realtor or custom home builder and tell them about your requirements. They will help you get a dream custom home with all the features you need while staying within your budget. If you are from El Paso, reach out to Palo Verde Homes and get the best help you need!  

Test Drive Your Custom Home: What to Look For in a Model Home Before You Approve the Build

Couple with real-estate agent visiting modern houseYour quest for the perfect home has come to a head. There is only so much you can imagine and sketch out. Once you have an idea, you want to start looking around for the perfect custom builder willing to undertake your brainchild. But it’s not always that easy. Different home builders have different approaches, architectural preferences, and styles when it comes to homebuilding, so one way that you can find the home builder that matches your needs is by visiting a model home. 

What is the purpose of a model home? And what does a model home viewing provide for you?

This overview will guide your custom home-buying process. 

What is a Model Home? 

You’ve likely seen these around. Model homes will usually be built in a new subdivision and serve as a model for a specific homebuilder to showcase their design chops, materials, architectural preferences, etc. They’ll have balloons or colorful flags mounted on the sides or lights illuminating the pathway to the front door. 

When a home builder or developer decides to take on a new neighborhood or subdivision, they want to attract home buyers by providing them an opportunity to experience their builds in all of their glory. This is when a model home comes in. The short answer of what a model home hopes to accomplish is this: provide prospective home buyers a very real example of what they are capable of building. 

What’s the Difference Between a Spec Home and a Model Home?

At this point, you may be wondering what the difference is between a spec home and a model home. Well, they can often be quite similar. The main difference is their initial intended purpose. A spec home is meant to be up for sale and it’s when a home builder is willing to front the construction of a new building with the assumption that it will sell once it is built and it hits the market. 

A model home can sometimes be purchased after it has run its course, but its intended and initial purpose is to serve as a model for many custom home builders. It gives homebuyers a starting point, a launching pad to conceptualizing their new home with that particular builder. 

What Should I Look for in a Model Home?

So now that we got the technicalities out of the way, here’s what you should pay attention to on your tour and walk-through of a prospective custom home builder’s model home. 

Pay Attention to Location

Model homes are gorgeous and are likely planned and staged down to the last flower vase. And yet, the beauty of the home should not distract you from the neighborhood in which the home builder will likely build your home. The model home may or may not be in the future neighborhood of your custom home, so make sure you’re clear on where you want to build and whether your custom home builder can accommodate that. Choose a home builder like Palo Verde that builds in up-and-coming El Paso neighborhoods and some of the best subdivisions in the city including Pebble Hills area, Horizon City, and more!

Let Staging Infuse Your Imagination Not Replace It

Model homes are furnished and staged to showcase just how beautiful the home is, how space can be utilized, and the kind of interior design and decor that might fit a given floorplan. And yet, make sure that the furniture does not replace the kind of layout you’re looking for and your future vision for your home. 

Make Note of the Floorplan

When building a custom home, you likely have very specific ideas of what you need in terms of floor plan and overarching design. This is a moment to take note of how the home builder designs their homes, what kind of architectural influence they use, how the outside of the home looks like, and more. 

In the end, how does all this fit your vision of your ideal home? 

What Does a Palo Verde Model Home Tell You?

Here at Palo Verde Homes, we strive for excellence in every build. We hope that our model homes communicate that. When you visit one of our model homes, you get to test drive some of the most cutting-edge and modern home designs and amenities in the El Paso area. 

Our Maple 3 Floor plan, for example, provides a clear view into some of our newest home designs. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • Open space layout: Making the best of open space layout with enough division to create a sense of shared space with some boundary
  • Built-in shutters: These window fixings are not only functional, but they are also beautiful!
  • U-shaped kitchen: This means the kitchen is a multi-purpose space where quick meals or large parties can be catered to.
  • Master bathroom with contemporary and luxury design: Engly dual vanities and slick stand-alone tub.
  • The walk-in closet of your dreams: Have a pair of shoes or two? You’ll have enough space to fit everything in without feeling cramped. 
  • Rear-entry home: This is an exciting new feature! You have your own personal entryway into your home through the back of the home. The garage is on the back so it doesn’t distract from the beautiful home design. 

Visit a Model Home Today and Get a Taste of Your Future 

Looking for the right home builder for you today? There is nothing like test driving your future home and learning about your home builder through experience. Come by any of our model homes and see the difference with Palo Verde Homes.

Want to make an appointment or learn more about why we stand out? Call Palo Verde Homes today. 


Post-Pandemic Homebuilding: The Changes Home Buyers Seek in New Home Construction in 2021

roofer builder working on roog structure of building on construction site

In addition to exposing the fragility of supply chains and people’s deep-seated fears about a shortage of toilet paper, the pandemic has also floated the need for functional spaces to the top. Covid altered the way we look at the world, our health, and our homes. Homebuilders across America witnessed the shift in the vision and thinking of prospective homeowners and have noted the patterns that are driving new home construction. 

While dealing with material shortages and buying fervor, homebuyers are searching for a new construction home that accommodates the fluctuating and diverse needs of the modern family. 

So what’s changed in the way people want their homes? How has a global pandemic changed how we live?

New Construction Homes in 2021 — Trends and Forecasts 

The National Association of Home Builders began investigating this question as early as mid- 2020. Their surveys revealed that the average size of homes and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are among the top changing features. That is not to mention the desire people have of spreading out, going out to the suburbs, and acquiring more space. 

A survey conducted with prospective home buyers about how Covid has changed the way they envision their new home revealed that for some people covid did have an impact. 

Home size remained relatively steady while 46% of people said that a home with four bedrooms was more preferable today. 

New construction homes also led the way in terms of overall sales. Experts attribute this to several factors, including economic and social factors. The lack of home inventory drove interest in the new construction and speculative home market, as it led home buyers to focus their attention on move-in-ready homes and homes with existing smart and eco-friendly features. 

Leading Home Features for the Post-pandemic Homeowner 

The post-covid world will have to move on. It will have to continue. Part of the continuation is the fact that people will move forward with their lives and look towards their future as best as they can. Despite the hardships, people will learn, grow, and adapt. 

Homebuilding always reflects that. 

So here’s a list (as compiled by NAHB)  of the features that are important for people in 2021: 

  • Laundry rooms
  • Exterior lighting 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Energy star windows and appliances 
  • Patios and front porches 
  • Kitchen and double sinks
  • Walk-in pantries 

What does this suggest? A going back to basic mentality. 

Basics, of course, don’t have to be devoid of style and comfortable design. Most of the features are home-focused, they are not superfluous or decorative or flexing luxury. They are geared to enhancing productivity in the home. The homeowner of the 21st century—despite the access to a myriad of smart home technology, gadgets, and the like— is refocusing towards what emphasizes quality of life, convenience, and functionality. 

That is not to say, of course, that there is no room for improvement in the way homebuilders approach these features and functional spaces. As home builders, that’s what we try to do. We design homes that boost productivity and quality of life, at the same time that they inspire with original designs. 

Architects Weigh In on the Changes in Post-pandemic Home Design 

Architects around the globe spoke recently about some of the more profound changes that they had noticed in new home design. Two trends seemed to emerge in these conversations:

  • Embracing simpler lifestyles. And while this can mean different things to different people, it seems to manifest in an effort to maximize spaces of the home, utilize unused spaces (using the bottom of the stairs as a reading nook, for example), and increase the utility and functionality of every space.
  • Inviting nature into the home in clever ways. Whether it’s expanding window space, adding sliding doors, french doors, or an entire glass wall with views to the outside, the modern homeowners seek to invite nature in with natural lighting, high ceilings, large windows, skylights, and other features. 

Home Buyers Seek a Multi-functional Kitchen 

One place of the home that is seeing major change is also the kitchen. While the open floor layout continues to be the favorite, people want to increase the functionality of the space by making kitchens more multi-functional and modern. Many homeowners are not completely opposed to adding a little bit of privacy to what has traditionally been wide open spacing between the kitchen and living room. 

One way to do this is to add breakfast nooks, counters, breakfast bars, etc. 

Multipurpose and Outside Living Spaces 

In 2021, modern homeowners seek to make full use of every space inside and outside their homes. As experts predict, that fourth bedroom that ranked high on the new-features list is likely to serve as a home office, home gym, or other multi-purpose. 

There is also a focus on making outside spaces liveable, comfortable, and more dynamic. 

Quality Homes with Functional Floor Plans and Design 

As El Paso’s premier homebuilder, Palo Verde Homes works to maintain functional floor plans that are modern, flexible, and adaptable to the demands of today’s family. As our lives change, so do our living spaces and we always want our homes to provide the comfort you need to thrive and live happy and productive lives. 

Want to find out more about what we do and how we exceed all home building expectations in El Paso? Call us today and come view one of our homes!


Centuries in the Making: The Glory of the Modern Kitchen

Scandinavian classic kitchen with wooden and white details, minimalistic interior design

Homebuilders are survivors. We are bred to adapt, transform, and move forward with the wisdom of the past and a vision for the future. So despite the hurdles facing housebuilders today, we continue to do the work we love of building homes for people to thrive in and cherish. 

Our central mission at Palo Verde Homes has always been to build quality homes that last and speak to beauty and functionality. So we thought we would pay homage to one area of the modern home that matters a lot to homeowners. The custom kitchen sets the stage for the rest of the design—it is central, defining, and inspirational for the rest of the floorplan. So what makes a modern kitchen? 

The dominant philosophy surrounding the modern custom kitchen is one of beauty and functionality. The goal is the creation of a space that is beautiful, functional, and lends itself to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. Before World War I and at the dawn of the 20th century, the kitchen was still very much seen as a part of the home that should be tucked away and hidden behind the family room, accessible only when necessary.

The kitchen transformation throughout the 20th century showcases changing societal values, technologies, and even family dynamics. From the development and advancements of the icebox to the refrigerator, the older ovens to multiple burner cooktops, to microwaves, kitchen islands, dishwashers, and more. 

The Four Defining Features of a Good Kitchen Design 

A cursory look online will lead to hundreds of 2020 kitchen trend articles that highlight popular colors, appliances, and styles. There will be a lot of talk about smart appliances and no-touch faucets. And while these details are certainly desired and take the kitchen to the next level, the central component of a functional kitchen is its layout and distribution. 

In the 1980s, as suburban homes grew in square footage, this gave way to a much more open layout, which allowed for the use of kitchen space as eating or hang-out spots. This allowed for more room and the ability to move around the kitchen. Here are the four main features to consider for your modern custom kitchen. From there, the details follow. 

#1 Kitchen Layout and Design 

The kitchen is no longer delegated to one person preparing a meal. Today’s kitchens are multi-cook and multi-purpose rooms. Designers think of kitchens today as having several ‘zones.’ It’s a reflection of how kitchens today are used in different ways and by more than just one person. Different kitchen layouts include: 

  • The galley kitchen: This is ideal for smaller spaces and is often used in apartments or condos. When designed well, it can be used effectively in bigger homes and lead to a breakfast room or extra dining area. One of the great advantages of galley kitchens is the cabinet and storage space created. 
  • The L-shaped kitchen: This is an effective and smart design that maximizes space but also eliminates kitchen traffic. The design can be effectively implemented in smaller and medium-sized kitchens. 
  • Horseshoe kitchens with kitchen islands: A horseshoe kitchen will also create plenty of storage and cabinet space while enhancing the functionality of the kitchen. The kitchen island can be used as the sink/dish area, leaving open the rest of the surrounding space to the placement of appliances. 
  • The peninsula kitchen: This is a great way to implement the kitchen island feature while closing off space. It provides an option for an eating area on the counter for a to-go breakfast or allows for extra preparation space for ingredients. This layout is a mix between the horseshoe kitchen and the l-shaped, taking the best of both worlds and combining it. 

These are only a few of the possibilities in layout. There exist many combinations and fusions between some of these popular choices, but a custom kitchen can be spaced out in whatever way the client wants. 

#2 Cabinets and Storage Space 

Part of what enhances a modern kitchen’s functionality is the way that it allows for space to be used. Storage space is a big asset in kitchen design because it removes the need to have things ‘stored’ on top of the cabinets and so much of the minimalist design is to avoid clutter and promote the wise use of space. The cabinets tend to have less ornamentation and have a sleek design that matches the modern appliances of today. The material ranges widely depending on the kind of look you are going for. Popular material today for cabinets includes:

  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • Medium-density fiberboard 
  • Polyester 
  • Melamine 
  • Wood veneers
  • High-pressure laminate 

#4 Countertops 

Another unifying element of the kitchen is the countertops and next to the layout itself and the cabinets, these three elements will create a cohesive design for the entire kitchen. The countertop material also tends to define the tone but complements any kind of kitchen layout. While some materials go in and out of vogue—granite was the go-to in the 90s— the 2021 homeowner has more options than ever before. The most sought-after materials for your kitchen countertops include:

  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Marble quartz
  • Solid-surface materials
  • Laminates 
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Some woods and/or butcher block material
  • Stainless steel

#4 Appliances 

A kitchen wouldn’t be one without the major appliances and range hood. The range hood might seem like a small detail, but it has become a prominent feature in today’s custom kitchens. Today’s appliances have really come a long way from the simple appliances in the late 70s and early 80s. The modern-day refrigerator is almost unrecognizable from its 1900 predecessor the ‘icebox.’ Today’s automated-energy-efficient-and automatic dishwashers look very different from the early precursors in the early 60s and 70s.

As these four main features are designed and arranged, the rest of the kitchen comes together. That’s when people think about adding smart elements, kitchen color, flooring, etc. 

Get the Glory of a Modern Kitchen with Palo Verde Homes

Your kitchen defines your home in so many ways. It will welcome guests, family, and provide an intimate setting for those closest to you. It’s more than just a room, it’s a lifestyle. With many options to choose from, we’re confident Palo Verde Homes will build the kitchen of your dreams. 

Interested in finding the right kitchen layout and material for your new home? Connect with us today and find out more about our modern designs. 

Energy Star & Your Home: Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Too often in the world of custom homes, glitz and glamour win out over safety, performance, and efficiency. While this may seem like a good thing in the short term, it can cost thousands of dollars in increased maintenance and energy costs in the long term. This is why our team puts such importance on EnergyStar ratings in our home. 

In our latest blog, we take a deep dive into the science and importance of EnergyStar ratings and energy efficiency. 

Measuring Efficiency With The H.E.R.S. Index

The Home Energy Rating System (H.E.R.S.) Index is a simple index used to measure the overall efficiency of a home and its internal systems. The scale goes from 0 to 150, with 0 being a 100% energy-efficient home and 150 being a maximally inefficient home. 100% efficient homes sadly don’t exist, so most homes tend to be anywhere from 70 to 130 on the scale. Since homes tend to rise on the scale as time passes, 

Effective Insulation

Quality insulation is integral to having a home that is energy-efficient. The reason for this is because insulation is what keeps your warm or cold air in the home, reducing the energy needed to sustain a temperature. Without insulation, your home would quickly take on the temperature of the outside world. EnergyStar homes benefit from top-notch insulation to reduce energy expenditure and increase comfort. 

Tight Construction and Ducts 

Another incredibly important aspect of the EnergyStar construction process is tight construction and tight ductwork. Air tends to want to find an equilibrium, so the construction needs to be tight, otherwise it will leak. This leakage means more energy is needed to keep a home at the optimal temperature. EnergyStar homes are built using methods for tight construction and ducts to alleviate this energy loss. 

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

One of the biggest energy-usage devices in your home or business is your HVAC system. This marvel of engineering produces the toasty or cool air that keeps us comfy, but it can take a great deal of energy to operate. The HVAC systems we use for our homes are designed to be both efficient and effective. 

High-Quality Windows 

An oft-forgotten part of our homes are the windows, which play a monumental role in the energy-efficiency and overall ambiance of a home. Too often, homeowners will settle for subpar windows, which can be good in the short-term but may lose efficiency and quality quickly. Our Palo Verde homes use high-quality windows that are designed 

Proven Products 

EnergyStar products have a proven track record of success, making them a standard in both North America and often around the globe. 

3rd Party Verification 

One underrated part of EnergyStar is that these homes have access to some of the best equipment we have. In addition, these homes have access to 3rd party verification offered by an EPA-recognized certification body. This ensures that all of the EnergyStar products we used will truly do what they are designed to do. 

More Benefits 

Investment Value 

On top of the tangible benefits for those living in the home, these homes also have increased investment and resale value. 

Better Performance 

Overall, Energy Star homes have better performance than comparable homes, both in the short-term and in the long-term. This performance makes homes more enjoyable to live in, as well as more valuable when up for sale. 

Environmental Protection 

One of the absolute most important benefits of an EnergyStar home is the environmental protection they offer. These homes and appliances are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment in an age where the health of the environment is a top global priority.

FAQS for A First-Time Homebuyer

First time homebuyers in front of first home mat

If you have recently made the decision to buy your own home for the first time, we congratulate you! Buying your own home stands as one of life’s greatest rewards. Although, there is so much to know about buying a home, especially when you’re a first-time homebuyer. Without having all the right answers, it might even be difficult for you to know where to start. That’s exactly what Palo Verde Homes can help you with. Besides working as a home builder, we want to support all of our customers. Our process involves going through some common questions most first-time homebuyers have to ask. 

How Much Do I Need For A Down Payment?

Saving up enough money for a down payment is one of the most challenging obstacles for first-time homebuyers. Most lenders expect between 5% and 20% of the mortgage for a down payment. It all depends on the requirements of the lender, including:

  •  Their customer policies 
  • The type of loan
  •  How long it will take for you to pay it off. 

To prepare for this, make a budget ahead of time and stick with your plan. 

Do I Have To Pay For A Down Payment Out Of Pocket?

Mortgage lenders require a down payment before providing a mortgage. Therefore, they usually mean to get paid out of pocket. We understand how this can feel a bit overwhelming. However, there are ways you can provide a down payment without having to empty out your savings completely. Local governments can sometimes offer down payment assistance programs. You can also use gift funds toward your down payment. Although, this would require a gift letter from the giver to verify that the gifter does not require repayment. 

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Qualified And Pre-Approved Loans?

Pre-qualifications provide homebuyers with an estimate of how much they might be able to buy or what they could possibly afford. This is when no information has been verified yet. The next best step is to get pre-approved for a loan, which gets based on factual information that determines the kind of loan you can receive. 

How Can I Get The Best Mortgage Possible?

It can take plenty of time and energy to learn about the various rates and mortgages out there. If you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, do your homework. Look at reviews regarding the lender you’re working with to make sure they are a credible and fair company. You can also get in contact with a mortgage broker for additional assistance. If you are a veteran, you may also qualify under the Veteran’s Administration assistance. 

Are There First-Time Homebuyer Grants?

There are first-time homebuyer grants available. These can be given at the state or local level, but they typically get provided by the state. These grants are also provided by down payment assistance programs. Depending on your mortgage, these grants can cover a big chunk or the entire down payment. You may choose to opt for a low-interest loan. As the name says, borrowers will have to pay back the loaned amount but at minimal interest. 

What Credit Score Do I Need To Have As A First-Time Homebuyer?

Your credit score can either make or break the homebuyer process for you. Obviously, the higher your credit score, the easier it is to put a mortgage and down payment on a home. Anything that is 720 and up is considered excellent. Anything from 680 to 719 is good. 620 to 679 is fair. If you have a score of 620 and below, this is where it can get difficult for lenders to approve you. 

How Much Of My Income Should Be Used To Pay My Mortgage?

The ideal percentage of your income that should go towards paying your mortgage is 28%. If you have to use more of your income to pay for a mortgage, the home might not be the best option for you. This percentage should also account for related expenses, taxes, homeowners insurance, anything that has to do with your home. If you aren’t sure what you can afford, lenders will provide a debt-to-income ratio when you are in the process of buying a home. 

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America’s Top Ten Most Historic Homes 

Some people have the states and their capitals memorized like the back of their hand. But how many people can provide information about the United States’ most infamous houses and monuments? It seems that historic homes tend to be a bit lower on the spectrum of fame, but here at Palo Verde Homes, we appreciate how residential architecture has grown and advanced in part of these historic homes. Additionally, we want to keep our customers informed with every detail about homebuying, renovation, and much more. We take a look at some of the most historic homes in the United States and what they mean to the nation today. 

The Biltmore Estate 

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, this mansion was constructed by George Vanderbilt in 1895. It is known for housing approximately 250 rooms. Having spent six years in construction, the estate amounts to almost 8,000 acres worth of land; that’s large enough to fit four football fields! Visitors are welcome to wine tasting, dine, and stay in the hotels hosted by the North Carolina property. 

The Mount 

The Mount is located in Lennox, Massachusetts. Edith Wharton, a former author, took inspiration from British architectural design with hints of French and Italian when “The Mount” was birthed as a thought. Wharton ended up living in the mansion for eleven years with her husband before they decided they would sell it in 1911. The Mount was officially declared as a national monument in the 1970s, allowing citizens and tourists to roam the estate to learn more about Wharton’s life work and accomplishments. 

The Monticello

The Monticello of Charlottesville, Virginia is so famous that it is even taught in history and art classes, mainly at the university level. Thomas Jefferson is credited with creating this monumental piece. In fact, it is one of America’s longest-standing monuments. It went under renovation in 1796, where Jefferson lived until his death in 1826. Monticello now stands as a museum and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum is encompassed around Jefferson’s life and the site as a whole. 

The Langston Hughes House 

If you ever paid attention in English class, you might recognize this name. This house earned its name as Langston Hughes, a famous American poet, resided in this building during his time working. He lived in this building for twenty years, where he would write poems, playwrights, and novels. This building is located in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Home

Langston Hughes was the only famous American to have a building named after him. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in an Atlanta home that would soon gain recognition as he rose during the Civil Rights Movements. Alongside King, his siblings would also be born in the same house. After his assassination in 1968, the home was restored into a museum to highlight the life of King.

The Hearst Castle

The name says it all. The Hearst Castle is infamous for replication a fantasy-like destination one would see in a Disney movie. This building was owned by William Randolph Hearst, who is known for establishing the San Francisco Chronicle, was the one who pitched the idea of creating it. The Hearst Castle Stands as a center for arts, artifacts, and collectible items. 

The Graceland Home 

One of the most fun and exciting homes to visit, Graceland belonged to the one and only King of Rock, Elvis Presley. Visitors from all over the nation (and the world) come to visit Presley’s house to get an exclusive look at memorabilia from his music career and even some of his old vehicles and private jets! The mansion even has some rooms for rent for those who would like to enjoy a night in the infamous mansion. 

The White House 

Last, but not least, The White House is the most notable residential property and historic monument that lies on American soil. In all its white glory, the house was made with Croatian limestone. It took so long to complete that not even the first U.S. President, George Washington, was able to see it when it was finalized. 

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El Paso, Texas: The Best Place to Raise a Family!

Hispanic couple sitting on the sofa reading a book at home with their baby son and young daughterWhether you’ve been stationed to work at the army base or have received a job offer in the southwestern city, you don’t have to think twice about moving to El Paso, Texas. The far west city is known for providing couples and families with the perfect opportunity to balance their social life, work obligations, and their own downtime. If your family is your number one priority, don’t be afraid to go with your gut and make a bold move to the West Texas city. Not only is the city of El Paso perfect for families but it has provided a home for people from all over the world. We discuss the many attributes that make El Paso a definite option for you and your little ones. 

Affordable Cost of Living

El Paso is rather admirable due to the simple fact that housing is affordable in almost every region throughout the city. Looking for a new home? You’re in luck. New homes and models are almost just as affordable as used homes and the city is growing rapidly. Whatever your preference may be in finding a home, we’re confident that you’ll find your every desire here. Additionally, some home builders, such as the proud Palo Verde Homes, have extensive knowledge regarding the many communities that make El Paso what it is. 

Expanding Your Child’s Knowledge

Most El Pasoans are rather knowledgeable when it comes down to speaking English and Spanish fluently. It’s a matter of no time before both you and your child start expanding on your bilingual skills! Many educators and teachers are certified in helping Spanish-speaking children with their English-speaking skills. The amount of support in El Paso is incomparable. Besides the bilingual nature of El Paso, there is so much more our city has to offer. 

Appreciation for the Arts and Culture 

El Paso is a historic site, popularly taught in Texas and U.S. history. With an extensive history, it’s no surprise that it has become an artsy and cultural hub, catching the attention of people from all over the country. Duranguito, an old neighborhood that resides in Downtown El Paso, has become a popular site due to its historical background and the townspeople’s attempt to clean it up with the help of artwork. This neighborhood is only one of many admirable sites here! 

Finding a Job That Works with You 

Almost every profession and field of work can be found here in the city. El Paso is filled with small and local businesses, so with that being said, employers all over the town are almost always willing to take on an extra member. The team at Palo Verde Homes can guarantee that whatever kind of position you are aiming to work for, you’ll be able to find exactly that! Even more, we can guarantee you’ll find a career that still allows you the necessary time for your family and personal life. 

Education Systems: Up and Coming 

As more houses are being built and more communities being established, the demand for more schools has risen dramatically. Whatever is your preferred community in the city, you’ll likely be able to enroll your children in a school that you can place your trust in. Additionally, school officials in El Paso are willing to work with you should you have any concerns! Even better, once your children are ready to pursue their career aspirations, we have colleges and a reputable university! 

Healthcare Everywhere 

Emergencies can happen at any time, any place. In these moments, the most important thing to do is to stay calm. It can be hard to keep yourself cool and collected, but as the city continues to grow, more and more healthcare and medical facilities are being built closer to homes. Besides emergencies, medical necessities can be reached with ease. You don’t have to dread a half-hour drive just to be seen by a doctor. El Paso is ideal in proximity! 

Recreational Areas in Every Neighborhood 

Not only do you want to ensure that you and your children are receiving the appropriate care, but you also want to provide your children with some fun from time to time! With more homes, schools, and small businesses, comes more recreational areas. Parks, athletic centers, and much more can be found in several neighborhoods in El Paso. We have larger sites, such as the Franklin Mountains, for your family to enjoy all year long! 

Providing You with A Beautiful a Home 

Here at Palo Verde Homes, we care about the quality of your home life. To top off your living experience, we suggest you give us a call so we can assist you and provide you with a home. Don’t hesitate to connect with us today!