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Questions to Ask a Home Builder | Palo Verde Homes | El Paso, Tx

Here are some legitimate questions to ask your builder candidates. It is helpful that you ask plenty of questions before actually hiring a builder because philosophies regarding service, workmanship, value and efficiency can vary immensely. After all, you will spend considerable with them (Unless they hand the job off to others. If having the builder on the job is essential to you, bring that question up as well).  To help you with this important decision, we have developed the following questions:

1.   What is your policy on service after the sale and do I receive it in writing?

2.   How long do you guarantee your workmanship?

3.   Do you have a “service reserve” built into the bid, if so, how much is it?

4.   How do you control your sub-contractors if they have to come back after completion?

5.   Is the sub-contractor work guaranteed, if so, by the subcontractor or by you?

6.   What is your policy on change orders?

7.   Do you guarantee a completion date, if so, how?

8.   Are you licensed, if so, by whom and what are the requirements?

9.   How long have you been in the business and how long on your own?

10.   Can you provide me with names and phone numbers of the four most recent homeowners you built for?

11.  Do you have a finished home I can see?

12.  Do you have insurance, liability and workman’s compensation?

13.  May I see an example of the contract and specification sheet that I will be asked to sign?

14.  Is clean-up included in your bid? What does your clean up include?

15.  Will you provide me with an itemized statement, and if so, how often during construction?

16.  How do you handle lien wavers?

17.  What sets you apart from your competi­tion and why should I choose you?

18.  Can I choose my own suppliers?


Weigh the builder’s answers against what is necessary to you and what is appropriate under your circumstances. Then, utilize the information you’ve gathered to make your final decision.

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How to Choose a Home Builder Tips | Palo Verde Homes | El Paso, Tx

The long awaited day arrived, and it’s time to search for a home builder to build that long awaited dream home.

A selection of several builders should be on your list to visit, but heavy consideration should be given to the experienced and reputable builder in your area as one of the top criteria when making a choice.

The sooner you select this type of builder, the less waiting time for construction to begin on your home.

Don’t consider yourself as the contractor, the builder has his own subs and those subs are accustom to working with the builder.

Before choosing a home builder, there are a few things to consider.

1. Ask for references from builder


Look at several homes constructed by this builder.

Ask the home owner if the contractor completed the home on time and on budget.

Did the home builder return phone calls promptly?

Did the contractor resolve all problems in a timely manner?

Discuss upgrades and cost with builder.

Address minor changes in house plans and ask for cost estimate

Get estimate for completed job.


2. Write down questions and answers for future reference

Is the contractor bonded and insured?

Who is his bonding company”?

What are the name and location of the contractor’s Insurance company?

Verify bonding and insurance


3. Is the home builder crew experienced?

Does he inspect work performance of a crew daily?

Is his crew covered by worker compensation?

Does he have unskilled crew members?

Experience and reputation of a home builder speak volumes.



Choosing A Floor Plan For Your Custom Home | Palo Verde Homes | El Paso, Tx

When building your new home, it’s exciting to imagine what it will look and feel like as you stand in your new kitchen or get comfy in your new family room. One of the steps in the planning process that has the most influence on the final product is choosing the floor plan. There are thousands of ways you can arrange the walls, rooms, hallways and stairways in your home. But for you and your family specifically, there might be one or two floor plans out there that fit your lifestyle perfectly. Here are some things to consider that will help you choose the best floor plan for your new home.


Family Size

Do you need a home that will accommodate a growing family? Maybe your kids have grown up, and you’re looking to downsize instead. The number of people living in your home is the biggest factor in your floor plan because it dictates the number of bedrooms and overall square footage you’ll need in your new home. If you want to plan for an expanding brood, think about adding a den or office that could be converted into a nursery or bedroom later on. Making provisions in a floor plan for taking in elderly grandparents is becoming a more popular consideration as well.


Dining and Entertaining

Do you love to entertain or do you dine more casually? Take this into consideration when you make plans for a dining room. If dinner parties are in your future you’ll want to have a formal dining room, but if your family is more casual, maybe a breakfast nook is more your speed.


Working At Home

If you telecommute or regularly bring your work home with you, a home office will be a necessity. Consider locating this room away from the kitchen and family room where all the action is so you don’t get distracted.


Consider your lot

The size and location of your lot could have a big influence on your floor plan. For example, if your lot is smaller but you want a big house, you’ll probably need to have multiple stories. If you have a hillside lot, you’ll want to have certain rooms situated to take advantage of your view. Subdivision lots almost always come with CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and easements, which could definitely have an effect on your plans.


One Story or More

If you have a larger lot, you are free to choose whether you want a multi-story home or a one-level, “ranch” style home. If you’re downsizing, a ranch style is a smart choice that will benefit you as you get older. Multi-story homes can be noisy, but they allow for views and a larger backyard.



Part of this consideration involves whether or not you want to have an open floor plan. Open floors plans are extremely popular and provide a sense of togetherness, but they don’t offer much privacy. The location of your master bedroom in relation to your kids’ rooms is another thing to think about. While they’re young you may want to be close by, but when your kids are older you may want more space and privacy. Think about your long term ideals.



Unless you plan to buy all new furniture for your new home, factor your existing furniture into your floor plan. Have a big sectional or a king size bed? Make sure you allow enough space so that they will fit in a way that flows well in relation to doorways and focal points.


Pro Tip:  Bring a little familiarity and nostalgia to your new home by incorporate things you loved about the floor plans of homes you’ve lived in before.


At Palo Verde Homes we’ve seen and worked with hundreds of floor plans and we will work with you to create one that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Contact us today and let’s talk about your new home.