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New Houses In El Paso: Beautiful and High Quality


New houses are being built all over El Paso, but many people are hesitant to make that big commitment until they are fully ready for it. Because homes are long time investments, you want to be able to take time and make sure that the home you have chosen is the right one. Here are some tips to follow in order to ensure you pick the perfect home.

Check Out the Neighborhood
Finding a new home can be difficult, but if there is a neighborhood that you are particularly interested in, you can always go check it out. People who have families want to make sure their kids go to a good school, and driving around the neighborhood, to check everything out, is one sure way to see if this is a good location to live in. Look for schools, parks, and distance from shopping locations, restaurants, and other fun places.

Check Out Every House Carefully
When looking for new houses in El Paso, the best way to know which home is right is to take a tour of it. A real estate agent will meet a prospective home buyer at the location, and walk you through it. Don’t be shy about any questions they may have, and also they need to check over things on their own. A home is an investment that families will live in for many years, and you want to make sure it will suit your family and needs perfectly.

Palo Verde Homes builds beautiful, high quality new houses in El Paso, so if you are ready to fall in love, contact us today.

A Custom Builder in El Paso: Sky’s the Limit

home design

When looking for a custom builder, you need to decide on the specific type of custom house you want. You have two primary options. One choice is to find a semi-custom home builder and the other is to find a custom home builder that will let you select every detail.

A semi-custom home builder typically has a range of floor plans and house designs that you pick amongst, although you can tweak these floor plans. You can pick certain upgrades and features, but may not have carte blanche to design every detail and put in every upgrade or add-on.  When you go with a truly custom builder, on the other hand, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do with your house.

When your home is built by a custom builder, you can hire an architect or a design firm to design a floor plan that is 100 percent the way you want it. The floor plan can be as unique as you like, and should be designed to complement the land that the house is being constructed on. Your custom builder will then work off the blue prints and put in all of the features and amenities you have been dreaming of. Wine cellars, theatre rooms and even sports courts are some of the different things you may want to include in your custom home.

Palo Verde Homes is a custom builder that has a reputation for building beautiful and attractive custom homes. We can make your dream home turn into a reality and we can exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Contact us today to learn more.

High-Quality Custom Homes in El Paso


Building and living in custom homes in El Paso is a great opportunity for individuals and families who want a home that is tailored to them. Your home is a place where you make wonderful memories and spend time with the people that you love the most.  You want your home to be designed in a way that works well for you and your lifestyle and that is a relaxing, warm and enveloping space to spend time. Custom homes allow you to design that type of space with your family’s needs in mind.

Palo Verde Homes builds top quality custom homes in El Paso. You can make design choices, choose options and features and select a floor plan that makes sense for you. You can customize the space and make it your own so no two houses are ever the same. When you design and move into custom homes that have been built by Palo Verde Homes, you get the benefit of having input into the details that matter the most to you. Your house will include the features that you will use and enhance your lifestyle, and the design choices will reflect your taste sensibilities.

Our custom homes are built with top-quality materials by craftsmen who care about their work and who are passionate about doing the very best job possible. This means that your home is one that will not just be comfortable and attractive but that is also built for the ages.

To learn more about custom homes that you can put your own unique design stamp on, contact Palo Verde Homes today for more information about home building.

Builders in El Paso TX Committed to Customer Satisfaction


When you are looking for builders in El Paso TX, look no further than Palo Verde Homes.  Palo Verde Homes has been building quality custom and specialty homes throughout El Paso and Southern New Mexico since 2007. We are known for our commitment to home buyers. We stand out among the builders in El Paso, TX, because of the craftsmanship in all of our homes and because of the attention to detail that goes into every project.

We are builders who take our commitment to our buyers very seriously. We aim to provide the very best in quality and features for your new home so that it will stand the test of time. We take pride on our workmanship and we are focused on providing top-notch customer service. And, we want to do all of this at competitive market prices.

As experienced home builders, we have built lasting relationships with clients and neighbors. We hope that our customers will trust us again and again for new home construction, remodeling projects and referrals. We have a proven track record of building homes that people love, and we treat every project as our most important.

Palo Verde Homes has been featured in Texas Building Magazine and was recognized among the builders in El Paso as being an Energy Star Leader in 2011. We believe that the key to building homes that clients love is to focus on their design needs, pay careful attention to detail and work with customers to create a home that they will be proud to call their own.

Our focus on energy efficiency and quality materials means that your home’s hidden features are just as well designed as the visible ones so you have the complete package. To learn more about the services we provide as builders, contact us today.