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Searching for the Right Home Builders in El Paso TX


When you find out that the Sun City will be your new home, the first thing to do is to do a search for “home builders in El Paso TX.”  Because you will be moving to a whole new location, you’ll want to know what your home building options are. You’ll want to make sure that you’ll be comfortable in your new surroundings and having the right home amenities plays a role in how well and how soon you adjust to your whole new location.

Ideal Locations
If you will be calling El Paso home soon, you’ll want to live in the best location you can find. The first way to determine whether you are dealing with a good home builder is to determine the communities in which they build. Most likely you’ll want to live near schools, shopping areas, and restaurants.  Typically, home builders have a website where you can see where their communities are located. This should help determine if that particular builder is right for you.

Energy Efficient Homes
Thankfully, everyone is a lot more aware of the environment these days and trying to do their part to take care of it.  Future El Paso residents are conscientious of the fact that the way a home is built and the materials used can cause environmental damage, so they will want to choose home builders that create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. Features like double paned windows, insulated walls, and tankless water heaters, are very desirable these days.

Palo Verde Homes are home builders that build in desirable areas of the city and are environmentally conscious with our building practices. Contact us today.

Top Quality New Homes in El Paso


New homes in El Paso pop up all the time, but you need one with specific qualities to suit your needs. Palo Verde Homes can meet those needs for you.  Do you want a completely new home with enough room for you and your family? Four bedrooms? Palo Verde Homes can end your search for new homes, and already has the perfect home waiting for you.

At Palo Verde Homes, we are proud to offer you the largest selection of new homes in El Paso. We build only home with exceptional luxury and distinct touches in their design that will have all your friends and family asking who built it. New homes couldn’t be any better than at Palo Verde Homes, where every home is built with the customer in mind and with skillful workmanship you can rely on to sustain your home in great condition for years and years to come.

We are committed to building premier new homes so we use only the best materials while ensuring perfect structures and foundations that last. Since 2007 Palo Verde Homes has been committed to offering the finest new homes at competitive market prices you can trust.

When you trust Palo Verde Homes for new homes, you can rest assured of top quality work and a standard for excellence in every facet of the home. Contact us today.

A Preferred Choice Among Custom Home Builders In El Paso


Soldiers at Ft. Bliss may get tired of apartments and decide to look for custom home builders  that can put them in a home. Buying a home can be one of the biggest decisions that people can make. Homes cost a lot of money and you will likely have a mortgage payment for up to 30 years. There may be some misgivings about whether to stick to an apartment or to buy a home, and there are many benefits to why you should consider leaving your apartment and getting your own home.

Living in an apartment you might not have much freedom to do things like paint the walls, hang up pictures, or any other decorations. However, custom home builders can build you a home that you design yourself and you’ll have freedom to do anything you want, whether it’s painting, decorating, etc.

Finally Have Your Own Yard
Living in an apartment is nice, but it can get old after a while. You might want to do things like plant a garden and that’s almost impossible without a yard.  Buying a home means having your own yard and that will mean not only planting your garden, but also space for the kids to play and a setting for barbeque parties with their friends and family.

If you are a Ft. Bliss soldier and are considering finally buying a home, Palo Verde Homes is a preferred choice among custom home builders. We will build you and your family the home you always dreamed of. Contact us today!

Custom Floor Plans in El Paso: Begin Exploring Your Options Today!

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Home builders that offer custom floor plans in El Paso can be a relief to people who have searched through real estate ads for months. Trying to find the home that will suit your needs can be quite frustrating, and finally, you might come to the realization that you need to find a builder who offers custom floor plans. Choosing the right home builder can be tough, however. There are some questions that future homeowners should ask in order to  find their perfect fit.

The Types of Homes They Have Built
Custom floor plans can be anything from a tiny cottage to a giant luxury home that has a lot of bedrooms.  It is important for you to ask what kind of homes a custom home builder has built because experience is important when it comes to building custom homes and you’ll want to choose a builder that has dealt with homes of all sizes and specifications.

Features They Have Built Into Custom Homes
If you want to design every feature of your next luxury home, you might want things like a gym, a wine cellar, or a home theatre room.  The more custom features that a home builder has done before, the more confident you’ll feel about asking for unique features such these.

When searching for custom floor plans, many people choose Palo Verde Homes. We build high quality custom homes with you and for you so if you are ready, contact us today.