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Custom Builder in El Paso: Committed to Your Satisfaction


If you have been seriously thinking about making your dream home a reality, all you need to do is find a  custom builder that you can rely on. Palo Verde Homes is the right choice for you when looking for your new custom home. A custom builder needs to use the best materials, and strive to offer the absolute best customer service. The only company in El Paso that offers these qualities and many more is Palo Verde Homes. Since we came into the industry in 2007, Palo Verde Homes has been the premier custom home builder.

At Palo Verde Homes, we take immense pride in our work and are committed to giving you the best design options and the best materials in the business. When you need a custom builder that you can always trust to get the job done right from start to finish. We have a determined commitment to our customers and their wishes, which is why we will do everything in our power to be the best custom builder for you. With a high held standard for excellence Palo Verde Homes in the only custom builder that will get the job done right from start to finish. We were recently awarded the Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader Award this year for our commitment to both quality and environmentally friendly materials.

At Palo Verde Homes, we are very proud of our work and our goal is always going to be your complete satisfaction. Contact us today.

Custom Floor Plans in El Paso: Creating the Heart of Your Home

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At Palo Verde Home, we offer some of the best variety of custom floor plans in El Paso. We are a leading custom home builder that offers three choices in creating your dream home. When you choose us, we want to smooth the home building process so you can enjoy creating your own custom home that fit your needs. So whether you  end up falling in love with one of our already designed floor plans or already have your dream plan in your mind, we will help it become a reality.

In the event that you do, by no means do you have to settle for it exactly as it is. We are in a business to make your home the way you want it. In most cases, the heart of your home is the kitchen, where your family can gather to eat meals, or you can whip up a great dinner party for your guests. We at Palo Verde Homes want every aspect of your home to reflect exactly what you want it to, so if you want to customize your kitchen we want to make sure it has everything you want it to.

When you decide to build your home with Palo Verde Homes, we treat you like family. Our professional staff will be there with you from the beginning to the end to ensure your complete satisfaction. We will design custom floor plans just for you, so contact us today.

A Custom Builder in El Paso: Sky’s the Limit

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When looking for a custom builder, you need to decide on the specific type of custom house you want. You have two primary options. One choice is to find a semi-custom home builder and the other is to find a custom home builder that will let you select every detail.

A semi-custom home builder typically has a range of floor plans and house designs that you pick amongst, although you can tweak these floor plans. You can pick certain upgrades and features, but may not have carte blanche to design every detail and put in every upgrade or add-on.  When you go with a truly custom builder, on the other hand, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do with your house.

When your home is built by a custom builder, you can hire an architect or a design firm to design a floor plan that is 100 percent the way you want it. The floor plan can be as unique as you like, and should be designed to complement the land that the house is being constructed on. Your custom builder will then work off the blue prints and put in all of the features and amenities you have been dreaming of. Wine cellars, theatre rooms and even sports courts are some of the different things you may want to include in your custom home.

Palo Verde Homes is a custom builder that has a reputation for building beautiful and attractive custom homes. We can make your dream home turn into a reality and we can exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Contact us today to learn more.