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Premium New Properties in El Paso

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When your family is growing larger and you feel like it is time for a bigger and better change, you only want the most premier new properties in El Paso. We can guarantee you and your family will love Palo Verde Homes. Since 2007, we have been committed to nothing more than providing our community with the best new properties. No other builder in El Paso takes as much pride in workmanship as we do.

At Palo Verde Homes, we only use the best materials and high quality tools to build homes of the highest possible caliber. We always have the best home designs and most luxurious touches in all our homes. With Palo Verde Homes, you be able to find the finest new properties at their most competitive prices. We are always very proud of what we build and always stand by our work with full confidence.

We have been constantly featured in Texas Builder’s Magazine and have been an Energy Star Leader since 2011. Palo Verde Homes consistently works to give you and your family the best new properties to choose from. We carry a very high standard for excellence and accuracy in our work ethic, which is on display when you see the homes we build. When you want quality and luxury at the highest level without breaking your bank Palo Verde Homes is the only choice for you. Contact us today.

New Properties in El Paso: Unique Homes Built to Last


When you look through new properties in El Paso, you can be assured that the name that will constantly turn up is Palo Verde Homes. At Palo Verde homes we are committed to offering only the best new properties at the most competitive market prices.
Palo Verde Homes has a superior devotion to workmanship and customer satisfaction.

New properties built by Palo Verde Homes are the premier choice when looking for the absolute best. We use only the best materials in the business to ensure that all our homes are built on a secure and structurally sound foundation so that they may withstand the test of time. All of the new properties built by Palo Verde Homes carry distinctive touches that will make your home as unique as you.

Palo Verde Homes is poised to offer you premium luxury like no other home builder in El Paso. When looking for new properties , pick the company dedicated to excellent customer service. Palo Verde Homes is committed to giving you the best options at the best prices in town. Our distinct standard for excellence is second to none, so choose the company with the best reputation in town when it comes to new properties.

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Beautiful New Properties in El Paso


If you are looking for new properties in El Paso, Palo Verde Homes has a wide selection of beautiful homes available to you. We have a variety of homes for sale to clients who want a beautiful home with lots of upgrades and features but who do not want to build from scratch. We also build new custom designed homes if you want to create a luxurious residence that is create with your specific needs in mind.

If you are looking for new properties, there are probably lots of things that you are hoping to find. Of course, you want to make sure that you have a great location for your home. Palo Verde Homes has a variety of attractive homes in desirable locations throughout El Paso and Southern New Mexico. You can also find your own lot and build a beautiful custom home on it so you can get exactly the views, privacy and features that you want.

Aside from the location, it is also important to find new properties that have the details that you want and the quality you would expect from a true luxury home.  Palo Verde Homes offers beautiful interior styling and unparalleled workmanship. Big windows, soaring ceilings and luxurious chef’s kitchens are just some of the different things that you will find in a new home that we’ve constructed or that we build for you.

The details of a custom home make all the difference, and Palo Verde prides itself on building new properties that invoke the feeling of old-world craftsmanship. You will be proud to call your house your home when you trust Palo Verde Homes to build it for you. Contact us today to learn more.