What is A Home Builder? Palo Verde Homes El Paso Tx

The home builders also play the role of inspectors. Throughout the construction phase, the local building department checks the construction site to search for code violations. But the professional home builder scours each construction site long before and after the officials show up to make certain each home he builds meets both code and warranty guidelines. Once the house is finished, the builder informs the appropriate municipal departments that it is ready for final inspection. One goal drives the professional home builder — a satisfied customer. To meet this objective, home builders act as public relations professionals. Content customers will recommend a builder to other prospective homebuyers, helping the builder’s business to grow. Home builders discuss the construction process and building schedule with their customers. They also plan times when the homebuyers can tour the building site and ask questions about the status of their new home. Home builders are businesspeople who work with materials suppliers and trade contractors. They often establish a network of materials suppliers and contractors with whom they conduct business on a regular basis. The quality of the labor and materials will determine the quality of the home.å

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