How to Choose a Home Builder Tips | Palo Verde Homes | El Paso, Tx

The long awaited day arrived, and it’s time to search for a home builder to build that long awaited dream home.

A selection of several builders should be on your list to visit, but heavy consideration should be given to the experienced and reputable builder in your area as one of the top criteria when making a choice.

The sooner you select this type of builder, the less waiting time for construction to begin on your home.

Don’t consider yourself as the contractor, the builder has his own subs and those subs are accustom to working with the builder.

Before choosing a home builder, there are a few things to consider.

1. Ask for references from builder


Look at several homes constructed by this builder.

Ask the home owner if the contractor completed the home on time and on budget.

Did the home builder return phone calls promptly?

Did the contractor resolve all problems in a timely manner?

Discuss upgrades and cost with builder.

Address minor changes in house plans and ask for cost estimate

Get estimate for completed job.


2. Write down questions and answers for future reference

Is the contractor bonded and insured?

Who is his bonding company”?

What are the name and location of the contractor’s Insurance company?

Verify bonding and insurance


3. Is the home builder crew experienced?

Does he inspect work performance of a crew daily?

Is his crew covered by worker compensation?

Does he have unskilled crew members?

Experience and reputation of a home builder speak volumes.



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