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Custom Floor Plans in El Paso: A Home That Reflects Your Taste



Custom floor plans in El Paso can give you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility to make your home your own. With custom floor plans, you can design your home to fit your piece of land so you can take advantage of beautiful views or natural grading to create a finished basement with lots of light. Custom floor plans also make it possible for you to ensure that you achieve the flow you want in your house and that you have the space you need to do the activities that you love.

Offering Options in Customized Floorplans
Custom floor plans in El Paso may be designed by an architect. You can also work with a design builder who will help you to modify existing floor plans to make them your own. Palo Verde Homes offers you the opportunity to come to us with your own floor plans and build a 100 percent custom home, or to work from an existing floor plan if you want to save time and money. There are many different options available and we can help you to create the perfect home with a floor plan that makes sense for your family.

Have a Say in Your Home’s Design
Not every builder will build from custom floor plans in El Paso, but Palo Verde Homes offers you the opportunity to make every decision in the process of building your home. Your house can be 100 percent original, from the floor plan to the fixtures and features that you include. You deserve to have a home that reflects your taste and your personality and our experienced and skilled builders will work very hard to make that happen.

If you are interested in learning more about how Palo Verde Homes builds beautiful houses from custom floor plans in El Paso, give us a call today. www.paloverdehome.com | 7100 Westwind Dr #250 El Paso, TX 79912 | 915.584.9090

Custom Floor Plans in El Paso: Creating the Heart of Your Home

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At Palo Verde Home, we offer some of the best variety of custom floor plans in El Paso. We are a leading custom home builder that offers three choices in creating your dream home. When you choose us, we want to smooth the home building process so you can enjoy creating your own custom home that fit your needs. So whether you  end up falling in love with one of our already designed floor plans or already have your dream plan in your mind, we will help it become a reality.

In the event that you do, by no means do you have to settle for it exactly as it is. We are in a business to make your home the way you want it. In most cases, the heart of your home is the kitchen, where your family can gather to eat meals, or you can whip up a great dinner party for your guests. We at Palo Verde Homes want every aspect of your home to reflect exactly what you want it to, so if you want to customize your kitchen we want to make sure it has everything you want it to.

When you decide to build your home with Palo Verde Homes, we treat you like family. Our professional staff will be there with you from the beginning to the end to ensure your complete satisfaction. We will design custom floor plans just for you, so contact us today.

Reflect your Style with Custom Floor Plans in El Paso

10426086_835301423217294_7847109176104706689_nIf you are a woman who likes to have the best of everything, then building a home will be absolutely thrilling when you opt for custom floor plans in El Paso. Your home is your haven and should be a perfect reflection of your style. Your home is your canvas to decorate, and your space to entertain friends and family and make memories.

Custom floor plans will allow you to define that space in a way that no semi-custom home can do.  You can create your own space, from the ground up, to work perfectly with your lifestyle and to serve as a backdrop for lavish entertaining or casual days spent with friends and family.

Palo Verde Homes allows you to build beautiful new dream homes with custom floor plans. We can help you to create the perfect floor plan for your needs or can build a home designed for you by an architect or residential designer. We have experience with custom floor plans and we can take your dreams from the blue prints and build you a home that is better than the house you were imaging.

The sky’s the limit with custom floor plans. You can design rooms that flow together and that provide privacy. You can focus on the rooms most important to you, and add in luxury touches like large closets, spa-like baths, home theaters and chef’s kitchens. You can create a home office, a place for your kids to play, and a home that flows with the outdoors. Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve with custom floor plans.

To learn more about building your dream home from custom floor plans in El Paso, contact Palo Verde Homes today.


Custom Floor Plans in El Paso: Begin Exploring Your Options Today!

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Home builders that offer custom floor plans in El Paso can be a relief to people who have searched through real estate ads for months. Trying to find the home that will suit your needs can be quite frustrating, and finally, you might come to the realization that you need to find a builder who offers custom floor plans. Choosing the right home builder can be tough, however. There are some questions that future homeowners should ask in order to  find their perfect fit.

The Types of Homes They Have Built
Custom floor plans can be anything from a tiny cottage to a giant luxury home that has a lot of bedrooms.  It is important for you to ask what kind of homes a custom home builder has built because experience is important when it comes to building custom homes and you’ll want to choose a builder that has dealt with homes of all sizes and specifications.

Features They Have Built Into Custom Homes
If you want to design every feature of your next luxury home, you might want things like a gym, a wine cellar, or a home theatre room.  The more custom features that a home builder has done before, the more confident you’ll feel about asking for unique features such these.

When searching for custom floor plans, many people choose Palo Verde Homes. We build high quality custom homes with you and for you so if you are ready, contact us today.