El Paso, Texas


Buying a New Home in Horizon City

Horizon City is a great place to move if you are looking for affordable new homes, excellent schools, and a bit of a rural location. Horizon City is located on the outskirts of far east El Paso. Buying a new home in Horizon offers plenty of benefits, and Palo Verde Homes builds new properties in several subdivisions of Horizon City. Also, the cost of living is even better than that of El Paso if you can believe it!

A Custom Home in Horizon City

If you are looking for a new home in El Paso, it may be unwise to rule out the outlying areas. Buying a new home in Horizon City comes with plenty of benefits. Aside from just custom floorplans, our new properties in Horizon City have a lot to offer.

Affordability - The first and best perk of buying a new home in Horizon City is definitely the cost of living. New properties are often more affordable in Horizon while still remaining in close proximity to El Paso. The location will only add about 15 to 20 minutes to the commute to greater El Paso. You can get more house for your dollar with new properties in Horizon!

Great Schools - Horizon City offers seven schools in the area. The school districts in the area are Socorro and Clint Independent School Districts. The ratings are average or better and they are all in close proximity to one another since Horizon is not a large part of town.

Rural Area - Horizon is typically a rural area which can be great for families. The new properties tend to be larger, neighbors are further apart, and there is much less traffic.

Buying Horizon Homes

Buying a Home With Custom Floorplans

There are also many perks to buying a custom home in Horizon. As mentioned before, you are going to get more home for your dollar in this area of town. That is especially beneficial when it comes to customizing your home. Having full control over the details of your new property with a better budget is a great perk. You have the option to customize appliances, lighting, fixtures, tile, carpet, cabinets, details of the floorplan, and so much more. Whether you want ceramic flooring or granite countertops, you simply have to let your builder know. Your home will be one-of-a-kind. You won’t walk into your neighbor’s house and feel like it’s another version of your own.

A Step Above the Rest

Another great benefit to buying a custom build with Palo Verde is the energy efficient aspect. We use specific materials, home building practices, insulation, and appliances to ensure that your home operates efficiently. From special HVAC system to tankless water heaters, elite windows, and even sealant that takes place during the construction, we make sure that our homes are as energy efficient as possible. Before you move in, your home will be inspected and certified by an independent 3rd party inspector. It will be a step ahead of homes built to minimum code requirements and will more than likely be more efficient than other homes on the same block. In the long run, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars a year on utilities.

It’s All Worth the Time and Effort

A lot of work, time, and decision-making go into building a custom home. Both you and your builder will spend ample time on the project. From custom floorplans to color schemes, your family will have control over all the decisions. And at the end of the day, all efforts are worth it! A custom home built in Horizon is an exceptional option overall. You can build your dream home with the comforts and amenities that you and your family will benefit from most. Contact us today for more information.